As a full service logistics firm we also offer warehousing for your overflow freight that requires storage, as well as transloading services for our customers.

Full truckload service

We specialize in delivering full truckload services all across North America, moving various types of dry and temperature controlled freight. We offer a flexible and integrated approach to ship your freight by the truckload based on your supply chains specific requirements. By providing personal and professional services, both reliably and safely, we are able to fulfill our customers needs and move their freight effectively. 

Third Party logistics (3pl)

As a part of our Integrated Logistics Program we offer Third Party Logistics services to ensure that your transportation needs are being met so you can focus on the core competencies of your business. Our team can add significant value to your supply chain by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

expedited & hot shot service

For extremely time sensitive freight, we offer expedited and hot shot services to ensure that your freight reaches its destination safely and on time. Whether it is one skid or a full truck load we have the expertise and personnel to ensure that your logistics needs are met.

Integrated logistics program

We evaluate your logistics program and provide an intergrated approach to managing your supply chain. Through our 4 step approach:

  1. Assessment: we conduct a comprehensive examination and audit of your firms logistics requirements.
  2. Planning: we identify services, cost efficiencies, and processes to take your supply chain to the next level.
  3. Implementation: we integrate our services into your supply chain, providing exceptional customer satisfaction and cost savings.
  4. Efficiencies: DS Trucking monitors key performance Indicators at regular Intervals, adjusting logistics strategies as needed.

temperature controlled service

Our specialization entails providing temperature controlled shipments, both cooled and heated. We provide exceptional services to only the highest standards and ensure our team is sufficiently qualified to manage and deliver these time sensitive loads efficiently. 


We provide LTL services with excellent performance across North America. By offering personal management shipment needs, we are able to offer exceptional customer service and on-time delivery. We consolidate shipments into full truck loads to ensure that savings are passed on to our customers.